New Year, New Target, New Life

It's not too late to me say ' Happy New Year' as
we still in the months of January..hahahaha...It's been ages I've not updating any post to my Blog..OMG...start from today I will try my level best to update at least once a week..boleh kan? There a lot thing I would like to share with the audience out there...about my passion,my life,my experience..So let's do it...I'm so excited to write more & more & more!!  It been almost 5 years I've stop my passion on baking until somewhere in December 2012, I started join the class again & here my first Chocolate Moist Cake...hahahhaha..jangan gelak!

Chocolate Moist Cake with Almond Nibs

I guess that baking & cooking is part of my life now...I terus menimba ilmu, dalam baking industri, polish my a lot of new friend,new teacher, and letting go my career that I love most for the past 7 years!'s ot easy but yet I've take the risk & challenge myself. Alhamdullilah, after 7 months, I still here, breath & happy of what I do now.. Taknak stress pasal company orang lain..biar stress untuk company sendiri..lagi banyak paedah nya kan??
Me with Aisha Raymond-my business Sifu
My cake & cooking sifu-Chef Amer

Me with Chef Liza at FHM

As time goes by I attended a lots of cooking & baking class & start to take orders too..Joyfull & blessed by Allah SWT.. Alhamdulillah semua yang di korbankan & segala dugaan I harungi perlahan-lahan. Hanya berserah kepada Nya & Insyallah di tunjukkan jalan. Hanya yakin dan berserah padaNya. Dia Maha Besar & Maha mengetaui segala-galanya.

It took almost a year for me to get the result as above picture. Compare yang first pic..hehehehe..practice make perfect kan? Takde yang buruk manakan datang yang cantik?