For the first time I using the mixer was I was 14 years old..My sister taught me how to use the mixer...and the result,just ok...nasib baik tak hangus, but I never give up, every time my little(not so little anymore) sister were having ' parti perpisahan kelas' I would be glad to bake a cake..Modal..hehehe " Mak, esok nak buat kek, nanti beli barang yea.." Hey, what do you expect, I just 15 ok???The next year my sister teacher's started to order from me, and they was very suprise that the little 16 years old tennage is doing it!!A lot of experience I have...kek hangus,kek mendap,kek tak cukup's really an experience!!After SPM I went to UiTM and make a lots of friends, skill pun dah tak ingat but the passion is still after 10 years, I'm back in the field..start polish my skill again..No more words.... Just, I love baking,baking & baking!!